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Ie Business School Mba Essay Questions !LINK!

To get a bit more comfortable with the format before you complete this part of the IE application, we suggest practicing responding to interview-type questions in front of a mirror to exercise maintaining a pleasant and natural expression as you speak and timing yourself to ensure your answers do not tend to run long. Although you can prepare as much as you want, you will have only one chance to record your response(s) when you do the official interview. If you stumble while answering or ultimately are unhappy with your answer, you will not, unfortunately, be able to rerecord anything or try again another time. This might make you nervous, but we encourage you to view the situation a little differently. As we have noted, IE wants to get to know the real you through these video essays. If you fumble for words or lose your train of thought, just laugh or shrug and continue with your response. Accepting a mistake with a sense of humor and grace will give the admissions committee a more positive and natural impression of your personality than rigid scripting and overpreparation ever could. For sample questions you can use to practice, consider downloading a free copy of the mbaMission Interview Guide, in which we present a list of 100 common interview queries.

ie business school mba essay questions

Located in one of the most important up-and-coming cities for entrepreneurship, the IE MBA continues to rank as a top-choice school for globally-minded innovators who seek to use business school as a step towards greater career success.

In addition, business schools in general often prefer essays that incorporate good storytelling techniques. In the past, some of our most successful clients have been those who select a defining theme and connect their examples to this theme.

UPDATE: This article was originally posted on March 8, 2022. It has been updated with new information and tips below. As Asia grows both as a world-class business and MBA destination, more and more people are considering applying to Chinese business schools. China...

Participants will also be able to take part in the Post MBA Long Exchange Program, a three-month exchange program with any one of 58 business schools worldwide, including Chicago Booth School of Business, Babson College, NYU Stern School of Business, London Business School, or CKGSB Beijing.

Why do you want to go to business school? What are your post-MBA career goals? These are the two classic essay or interview questions that help the admissions office to get a better sense of how business school will build on your personal and professional development to date, and the clarity and realism of your longer term plans.

The new dean of IE Business School, Martin Boehm, will be joining me at the CentreCourt MBA Festival in London. In the run up to the event, I am turning the tables on the business school by asking them to answer three questions drawn from the essays that they and other top schools ask of MBA applicants.

The essays can come in a variety of different forms, depending on the school. Many ask why an applicant wants to do an MBA, and why at that particular school. In general, admissions committees do understand that applicants might be applying to multiple schools, but that's no excuse for making easily-correctable mistakes.

This can mean doing some research to understand the culture of the business school you're applying to. Newton Campos, the director of admissions for blended programs at Spain's IE Business School, says that IE values some fairly specific traits in applicants, including international experience, social consciousness, and humility. So, if an applicant appears over-confident in an essay, this can be a major turn-off.

Beyond the basics, some business schools are beginning to ask students to answer more specific questions, and sometimes, they can be answered in unique forms. For example, one of the University of Florida's MBA essays asks potential students to explain what makes them different from other candidates, in 125 characters.

The Twitter-like application essay format is also being adopted by other schools. Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business and Arizona State's Carey School of Business also have MBA essay questions that must be answered in a Tweet-like length of 140 characters or less.

Grammar and spelling: For international applicants, admissions committees will often be somewhat flexible when it comes to an essay's level of written English. For qualified candidates with imperfect English, admissions staff might suggest taking classes before school starts.

In addition to the Wharton MBA application, Lauder requires that you complete a language assessment called the Oral Proficiency Interview(s), one Lauder essay, and answers to supplemental questions regarding international/cross-cultural experience. You will be prompted to submit these items in the online application.

Are the essay questions and resume required? The essay questions portion of the application gives the admission committee the chance to see why you wish to join the program and what you hope to accomplish with the degree. Make note of any professional and/or community activities and any special awards and distinctions. We hope the essays will be well-written, but they are evaluated on the basis of the information within.

Question four asks about any special circumstances and gives you the opportunity to speak about things that were not previously covered in the application or something you feel could use some explanation. This is your opportunity to share reasons behind a tough semester as an undergraduate, or a gap in your employment. This question is not a requirement, but gives you a chance to volunteer any information the admissions committee should consider. Please review what is required by your program.How long should the essay responses be? We are typically looking for a few paragraphs of reasonable length to answer each of the questions. Questions two and three may simply be a listing of accomplishments and activities rather than putting them into paragraph form.

Stay on track with Forté MBALaunch! This eight-month personal and professional development program provides a structured road map for applying to business school, including step-by-step application guidance, supportive peer groups, and a network of hundreds of others going through this process right alongside you.

Our powerful alliance of talented women, influential companies, leading undergraduate and business schools, and pioneering donors empowers women to change their career trajectories, their earning power, and their lives.

Side note: This is the best tool to use if you need to submit multiple creative essays because their simple clone function allows you to duplicate each page you make and repurpose it with a different link for each school. You get three pages with a free account. If you fall in love with Qwilr like I have and want to do even more with it, my buddy Mark has agreed to extend the student discount to all Career Protocol readers. Just drop him an email at [email protected] and mention Career Protocol to take advantage of it.

Please upload your current résumé to the online application or e-mail it to [email]Essay QuestionsThe essay questions required for application and admission to the Augsburg MBA program are listed below. Essays are used in the admission process to judge your ability to express yourself and to learn more about you as an individual and future MBA student. You may upload your essay responses to your online application.

Any business school wants to know you and the MBA essays are the only opportunity you have got to show who you are and what do you do and how are you different from the lot? The higher the MBA ranking of the school the stiffer the competition. So please take at least a day and define your lifeline on a chart with years on X-Axis and then mark every year with atleast with one achievement and failure to be used within your essays. Use the achievements and profile yourself and project a reason very strong why you want to an MBA and how will an MBA change your current stature.

You must apply online using our dedicated student information portal. You will be required to enter contact details, upload your documents and answer two essay questions (each approximately 300 words). We would ask that you seriously consider both essays and answer these in the context of the programme you are applying to. Try to not replicate your CV and demonstrate what makes you different from other applicants. There are no right or wrong ways to complete these essays.

If you have questions about the video or written essay process, please send us an email at or call us at 617-353-2670. If you need technical assistance with the Kira Talent system, please contact them directly at

Of course, targeting the right business schools is not limited to just the application process and rankings. There are many factors you should consider. Ask yourself: Why do I want to do an MBA at this point in my life? As an admissions professional, I can assure you figuring out the reason will help you with at least one of the essay questions to any business school.

You can initiate your research online, but by no means should you limit yourself to only the websites of your target business schools. Always keep in mind: the most effective networks are developed in-person! All good business schools are quite active on campus and around the world. Even if you are not located in the same city where your dream business school is located, you can still meet with someone from the admissions team. At the Rotman School, we make sure all of our events around the world are published well before the actual date. Please take a minute to browse our events page to see if we will be in your neighborhood. If you see an attractive event, go ahead and register!


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