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Toyota Highlander Prices Paid And Buying Experience

When you are shopping for your next Toyota and want to experience a car buying experience that places you first, look no further than Longo Toyota. We offer our guests exceptional first-class service, along with a large inventory of high-quality Toyota vehicles.

toyota highlander prices paid and buying experience

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To help inspire the next generation for a career in STEM-based fields, including mobility, Toyota launched its virtual education hub at with an immersive experience and chance to visit many of our U.S. manufacturing facilities. The hub also includes a series of free STEM-based lessons and curriculum through Toyota USA Foundation partners, virtual field trips and more. For more information about Toyota, visit

I am considering buying a Subaru Crosstrek limited. And I have been trying to find out what the Costco price would be before asking the dealer to show it to me. Would be willing to share with me the crosstrek that you bought and what you paid for it. I am a also a Costco member. Thank you

Hello, we filled out the online Costco deal and was contacted by the San Tan Hyundai dealership in Chandler, AZ. We were looking for a certified used car. We were there 5 hours. we told them the amount we could spend monthly and they kept trying to put us in a lease for a new car and never mentioning the Costco deal. finally we pursued a used car and got a pretty good offer for a used 2013 sonata. The paperwork was done and I was asking what about Costco deal? Sales person said oh well this is a better offer. She stated it would be $500 under a published price (which none was published for this car). After comparing to other dealerships, the cost we paid is close to what other dealerships would charge, but I went away from that experience wondering about the Costco deal.

I have to say it was the most pleasant car buying experience that either of us had ever had. I dare say it was almost fun? The salesman called and asked us which car we were interested in, color, options, etc. He checked his inventory and had one that matched our requirements. When we arrived the car was detailed and ready to go. He asked if we would like to take a test drive of our specific car. We declined having already test driven a couple of them during the process. We then proceeded to fill out the credit app, met briefly with the finance guy to sign paper work, salesman went over our manual and the car itself, feature by feature and sent us on our way. There was no haggling once we were there, no up-selling, no trying to change the deal after the fact. Just very straight forward and simple. Not the slightest bit of anything that even vaguely smacked of scam. Straightforward and pleasant.

In my recent experience, the Costco Auto program offer consumers good prices but not great prices. I recently bought a Toyota Prius III. The MSRP was $25,010. The Costco price was$23,010. The Marketplace where they had 7 dealer competing for my business was $22,388. The Costco program had no competition amongst dealers, so pricing is just OK. I was very happy to save more than $600 using CarWoo. The online service did cost me $49, but the fact that I could save about $600 was well worth the money and time saving of not having to visit a bunch of dealers to get the best deal from Capitol Toyota.

We purchased a 2010 Ford truck through the Costco program in the fall of 2009. It was so easy we plan to do it again with a car next year. When I contacted the Costco Auto Program regarding our interest in purchasing the truck it was literally only a few minutes before we received a phone call from the authorized dealer. Their deal was straightforward. They said the truck would cost inventory price minus any incentives in place at the time of purchase. I obtained inventory prices independently on line and they were exact to the dollar of what the dealer had in their computer. We factory ordered exactly what we wanted and we paid exactly what we expected, which, due to a promotion, was $1000 under invoice. Plus, we were offered 0% financing. There was never a hint of having to negotiate and we feel we paid less than what we would have paid if we had haggled from the sticker. I think the success of the program probably has a lot more to do with the dealer than with Costco.

@ernesto read my previous comment about the Lexus. The Costco program is useless for luxury brands. I happened to have a good experience with it buying a toyota, but most of the comments in here, suggests the program being pretty lame, and nothing more than a referral program without any real substance to it. 041b061a72


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