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[S26E2] The Wreck Of The Relationship [CRACKED]

When Bart disrespects Homer's authority, Homer tries to be a stricter parent with him. Bart later refuses to eat one piece of broccoli at dinner, so Homer decides to sit at the table until Bart eats his broccoli, even though they both miss out on things that are important to them. Lisa prepares two identical-tasting fruit smoothies, one of which contains the broccoli, and offers them to Homer and Bart in an attempt to end the impasse. Bart deliberately spills the smoothies, sparking a brawl with Homer and prompting Marge to have them both kidnapped and put aboard a seagoing vessel, the Relation Ship. Captain Bowditch (Nick Offerman) offers Homer and Bart a chance to solve their relationship problems. While Homer recovers from scurvy, Bart enjoys and excels at sailing and ends up being promoted to midshipman, who can give out direct orders to the crew members, much to Homer's chagrin.

[S26E2] The Wreck of the Relationship

Homer rebels against Bart's newfound position and eventually gets drunk off a flask of rum. When the captain snatches the rum off Homer and reveals that he became a captain, due to him being a recovering alcoholic, the captain gives into temptation and drinks the rum, becoming drunk with Homer. A huge storm begins, and Bart is left in charge of the ship, due to the captain's intoxication. Bart wants to sail around a lighthouse inlet to reach safe harbor, but Homer first says they need to drop anchor and batten down the hatches and then responds to Bart's complaint about Homer ignoring his authority by screaming that Bart never listens to Homer's authority. To Homer's shock, Bart holds out a piece of broccoli he brought from home, eats it and then asks Homer to trust him. Homer does so, and they combine to get the ship safely home, their relationship now in a much better place. 041b061a72


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