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Drift Hunters Unblocked: Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Score and Performance

Drift Hunters is a fun driving game that involves drifting your car to gain points that are used to upgrade your car or buy new ones. Take control of the wheel and showcase the sheer awesomeness of the drift across 10 exciting tracks!

drift hunters unblocked

Being a hit in this Drift Hunters game not only gives you bragging rights to everyone, but it also unlocks the drift cars of your dreams and makes it easy to change upgrades anytime you want.

Every car you buy can be fully tuned; super, brake balance, front camber, rear offset, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Upgrading the turbo and engine to begin with, helping the car to be able to keep the wheels spinning and maintain better drift is not a bad suggestion.

Providing an incredible free-to-play experience, Drift Hunters MAX brings the opportunity to get behind the wheel and drift using some of the latest cars (such as the Toyota GR Supra) on some of the most stunning tracks across the globe.

Beside the little groups of people on Paradise Pier are large red coolers with rulers taped to the top, plastic bags of chicken parts, smaller coolers for Pepsis and Mountain Dews, paper bags of snacks, and boom boxes, from which drift the melodic voices of Vince Gill and Clint Black, the rasped harangues of car salesmen, and \u2014 in the afternoon \u2014 the drone of a car race. The boom boxes are powerful, but the great inverted bowl of blue sky that arches over the scene absorbs their sound the way it absorbs the noise of the motor boats, the tires on the causeway, and the hoarse cries of gulls \u2014 until they seem small balloons of sound floating in an immensity of silence.

Every morning that it doesn\u2019t pound rain hard or snow so much that my old pickup can\u2019t make it through the drifts, Violet the Dog and I drive about five miles to the Cedar Bluffs Natural Area to take a nature walk. Since neither Violet the Dog nor I sleep well, the walk may begin anytime between 1:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. When it\u2019s dark, I wear what my sister calls a \u201Cnerd light\u201D on my forehead so I don\u2019t trip and fall into something I would rather avoid, like a snake pit, a cactus, or a porcupine. I also wear it in case there\u2019s a Mountain Lion wandering about that might be puzzled enough that when it sees the light, out of caution, it doesn\u2019t eat one or the other of us.

Mountain Lions aren\u2019t a genuine concern, but Violet the Dog and I both wear red reflective vests because some days there are hunters out and about, and we would like to avoid getting shot. It would ruin our day, as well as the hunters\u2019 day, and all of our loved ones. Still, even with the hunters, it\u2019s safer in the timber at Cedar Bluffs than in a Texas shopping mall.

It will doubtless be generally said that this mental sympathy, or theintuitive perception of the main drift of what is passing in the mindsof others, has an existence only in the fancy of fictionists. We,however, after years of close observation, have wholly ceased to doubtits reality. Scores of times have we been affected by thoughts andintentions which we knew must have a source other than in our own mind.Scores of times have we, in this manner, been put on our guard againstthe selfish designs which others were harboring to our disadvantage,of which no tongue had informed us, and of which, afterwards, we hadtangible proof. And, on careful inquiry among persons of thought andsensibility, we have become convinced that[Pg 78] the principle holds goodto a very considerable extent among others; and that attention to thesubject is only wanting to make it a generally received opinion. Itwas this principle that now affected Mrs. Elwood: not that she had themost distant idea that her son harbored aught of wrong intention towardany of his family, but she felt that his mind was somehow becomingsubservient to schemes which existed somewhere in the minds of others,which concerned her or her family. But she felt rather thanthought this; and, knowing she could give no reason for her singularimpression, prudently kept it to herself.

This proposition being accepted, and it being also settled by commonconsent that no further attempt should, at this time, be made to ascendthe remaining rapids with either of the boats, the hunter and Claud,accompanied by the light-footed Fluella, took up her canoe and set offwith it, along shore, towards a convenient landing in the lake above,then not more than sixty or seventy rods distant. In a short time theproposed landing was reached, and the boat let down into the water.The maiden, with an easy and sprightly movement, then flung herselfinto her seat, and, with a paddle hastily whittled for her out of apiece of drift-wood, by the ever ready hunter, sent her little craft ina curving sweep into the lake; when, facing round to her preservers,while a sweet and grateful smile broke over her dimpling features,she bade and bowed them adieu, and went bounding over the undulatingwaves towards her home, on an island some miles distant, near thesoutheastern border of this romantic sheet of water.

We will now take the reader to the wild and secluded banks of Deadriver, the great southwesterly tributary of the lordly Kennebec, thelarger twin brother of the Androscoggin, both of which, after beingborn of the same parent range of mountains, and wandering off widelyapart, at length find, at the end of their courses, like many a pairof long estranged brothers, their final rest in a common estuary atthe seaboard. At a point on the banks of the tributary above named,where its long southward sweep brings it nearest, and within twentymiles of the Oquossak, and within a quarter of that distance from theterminating camps of the outward ranges of the hunters, two men inhunting-suits might have been seen, in the fore part of one of the lastdays of November, in the season of the eventful expedition we have beendescribing, intently engaged in inspecting some fragments of wroughtwood, which, from the clue of some protruding piece, they had kicked upfrom the leaves and decayed brushwood that had nearly concealed themfrom view. One of these men was past the middle[Pg 212] age, of a hardy butsomewhat worn appearance. The other was in the prime of young manhood,of a finely-moulded form and an unusually prepossessing face andcountenance. But we may as well let the dialogue that ensued betweenthem disclose their identity; the matter that was now engaging theirattention; and their reasons for thus appearing in this remote position.

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But, still undismayed by these manifestations of elemental power aroundthem, or the prospects before them, all terrific and dishearteningas they were, and nerved by the consciousness that their only chanceof escape from a fearful death depended on their exertions, the boldand hardy woodsmen again started out into the trackless waste, andlabored desperately onward, mile after mile, through the impedingsnow; sometimes taken to the armpits in its gathering drifts, andsometimes thrown at full length beneath its submerging depths bystepping into some hole or chasm it had concealed from their sight.And thus resolutely did they beat and buffet their rough way throughthe perplexed and roaring wilderness, and thus stoutly did they bearup against the constantly thickening dangers that environed themduring the last part of that dreadful day. But, as night drew on,their strength and spirits began to flag and give way. The cold wasincreasing in intensity. The tempest howled louder than ever over theirheads, and the snow had become so deep and drifted that furlongs becameas miles[Pg 228] in their progress. And yet, as they supposed, they were milesfrom their destination. At length, one after another, they faltered andstopped. The strong men quailed at the fate which seemed staring themin the face, and they were on the point of giving up in despair. Buthark! that cheery shout which rises above the roaring of the wind, fromtheir more hardy and hopeful leader, who, while all others stopped, hadpushed on some thirty rods in advance. It comes again!

Within the house, in the largest room, and behind a table, drawn upnear the wall at the farther end, sat a magistrate, in all the gravedignity of a court, with pen in hand and paper before him, as ifin readiness to take such testimony in the case on hand as shouldbe presented for his consideration. On his right sat Mark Elwood,Phillips, and Codman, appearing as[Pg 236] the representatives of the injuredtrappers or hunters, who were the prosecutors in the case; while onhis left sat Gaut Gurley, in custody of the sheriff and his assistant,who had arrested and brought him there to answer to the complaint ofthe former. Gaut appeared perfectly unconcerned, glancing boldly abouthim with an air of proud defiance; while his former companions, thetrappers just named, sat looking down at their feet, compressing theirlips and knitting their brows in moody and indignant silence.

Such was the drift of his conversation at this interview; and, seemingto think he had ventured far enough for one experiment on theircredulity, he dropped that subject and struck off on to others. But thenext time he met them he contrived to turn the conversation upon thesame theme; when, telling them with a confidential air that, a few daysbefore he left camp, he discovered, on a stream coming in at the upperend of the Megantic, a succession of freshly-constructed beaver dams,which, from the number of houses and other indications around each,he thought must be occupied by one of the largest colonies of beaversever collected on one stream in that part of the country, he directlyproposed to them to join him, when the spring opened, in an expeditionto secure this extraordinary collection of the valuable animals thatwere, unquestionably, still all there, and as unquestionably might becaptured.

Gaut Gurley, the alarmed prisoner, who at first had appeared greatlyrelieved on finding that the announced witness was not the reänimatedyoung Elwood, as he had feared, now seemed utterly at fault toconjecture what either of these women could know of his crime. But themoment the maiden, whom he had seen the previous year, and regardedwith jealous dislike, as the possible rival of his daughter, revealedherself to his view, his looks grew dark and suspicious; and whenshe commenced by mentioning, as she did at the outset, that she wason a boat excursion along the western shore of the Maguntic, on thewell-remembered day when he consummated his long cherished atrocity,he seemed to comprehend the drift of what was coming, and his eyesfastened on her with the livid glare of a tiger; while those demoniacflashes, before noted as the usual precursor of hellish intent withhim, began to burn up and play over his contracting countenance.


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