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Where To Buy Delonghi Coffee Maker

Looking for a machine that delivers the convenience coffee pods along with the taste of speciality drinks? Consider a Delonghi Lattissima espresso maker with a built-in milk frother for preparing lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. Whether you sit at the kitchen table to get your daily caffeine burst or enjoy sips on the patio before leaving for work, find mugs that coordinate with your dinnerware for a streamlined appearance. First, fill the water reservoir and the milk container. Then, place a Nespresso flavor pod in the machine and a mug beneath the spout before selecting your preferred brew method. Relish your first (or third) cup of the day with minimal cleanup.

where to buy delonghi coffee maker

What really stands out is the addition of a LatteCrema automatic milk system. That means you can use this machine like a fully automatic coffee maker instead of manually steaming milk. However, the question only you can answer is whether the La Specialista Maestro is worth paying $1,199.95 for.

This pump-driven cappuccino maker has a stainless steel espresso boiler, advanced manual cappuccino frother, self-priming system, incorporated coffee tamper, and accommodates taller glasses. It also has adjustable controls that allow you to make modifications to suit your tastes. 041b061a72


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