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Black Sails Season 2 Complete Pack

Black Sails is a television show that had a pretty rough start. Starting off with a very bland story that had more visual appeal than anything, I had a tough time getting into it as I watched through the first season. However, once that second season started, things really started to pick up and ultimately made up for the overall lack of enjoyment that was had with the previous season. Being a pretty adventurous and dramatic experience, I found myself continually getting sucked into this series and ultimately binge watching it. As my wife and I reached the end of Season 4, I did find myself wanting more; but alas, I can completely understand why they had chosen to end it the way that they did.

Black Sails Season 2 Complete Pack


The Black Sails: The Complete Collection Blu-ray set comes absolutely loaded to the gills with special features. From my understanding, these are the same features that came packaged on the individual releases of the seasons. The content allows for not only a continued exploration into the series, but ultimately shows a good bit of the work that went into making and promoting this show. Included with this release is:

During the voyage, the winds changed and the crew decided to sail east. The pirates encountered the British merchant vessel which surrendered when the pirates hoisted the black flag. However, when the British captain realized Dufresne was not Flint, the merchant crew attacked the pirates, and Flint took command. The Man O' War opened fire on the merchant ship, completely destroying it and leaving no survivors. Later, the pirates voted to have Flint reinstalled as captain.

The Man of War becomes Teach's flagship and he commands the pirate fleet when he sails to the Maroon Island. He is met by Rackham on the Walrus and he explains their predicament. He and Blackbeard then find common cause in gaining revenge for the death of Charles Vane. The fleet begins to sail towards the British ships under British colors. When the British flagship signals, Teach orders someone to retrieve his logbook as he possesses the proper codes. However, Rackham tells him to fly the black, by doing so they will lull the British commander into a false sense of security and underestimate the pirates. Blackbeard acquiesces and the pirate and British fleets exchange fire.

Black Sails was an absolutely amazing show! Better than all the big ones like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead in my opinion. While the show has finished in spectacular fashion, us fans are still incomplete because we only have the soundtrack of the first season.

The music in the 1st season soundtrack is fantastic but there is also some purely incredible stuff from the later seasons that would be a shame if it were never to be released. There is certainly demand for it, with a devoted fan-base who would love to hear the great music made throughout the shows run. Either make one release that has all 4 seasons together, or just release 2, 3 and 4 to complete the package. Even just uploaded to YouTube would be better than it never being heard. That would mean a great ending closure to what has been a great 4 years of TV. Please make this happen! Why not? We need it!

In the epic final season of Black Sails, war has consumed the West Indies. Captain Flint sails to strike the final blow, as the legend of Long John Silver builds in strength. But the closer civilisation comes to defeat, the more desperately, and destructively, it will fight back 041b061a72


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